About Spencer-Brookes Designs

Spencer-Brookes Designs is a small family run business based in Leominster, Herefordshire. There are three of us in the team - Sue, Charlotte and Graham. Also, on occasions we even gain a fourth member of the team, in the shape of Chris.

We set up the business after Charlotte struggled with losing a job and finding another to replace it. However, we also wanted to fulfill that desire to be our own boss, providing something different to the public.

So with a desire to do something creative and the chance stumble across a laser machine online, we decided to just do it! Life is too short not to. So here we are now.

Officially we have been in trading since July 2011 and we have been growing ever since. With a small but building community on Facebook and a number of people further afield getting involved, we are growing day by day. 

At Spencer-Brookes Designs, our main occupier of time is wood, wood and wood! We engrave photo frames, wooden wine boxes, wooden tags, wooden house names and even wooden keepsake boxes. But that's not all. We have a number of glass, granite, mirrored and even leather goods available. And even better than that, we engrave your goods that you bring in! If you have a photo frame with your wedding photo in, bring it in! If you have a keepsake box for a relative, send it over to us.

Spencer-Brookes Designs wants to be a friendly and welcoming business, so we encourage ideas and thoughts, just pop by or send us an email